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Parents May Be Used For Pressure On Graduates Who Go To Study Abroad

Parents May Be Used For Pressure On Graduates Who Go To Study Abroad

Illustrative case in Smarhon.

Belarusian education bodies are looking for pressure leverages against parents of those graduates who are going abroad, writes a reader of Charter97.org:

“Events in education are unfolding interestingly. At the end of November 2023, the regional education department held another on-site event in Smarhon. In the end, the head of one of the secondary education institutions was invited to the stage. He was found to be inappropriate for his profession because four of the six medalists had gone to study abroad. It’s very illustrative. There were accusations that teachers should have known about students’ intention to leave the country and reported this to higher authorities to influence their decision and keep them in the country through blackmail by dismissing parents from work.

In response to the fact that parents do not work at state enterprises, the answer was: “Then contact the tax office, they will definitely know the leverage over these parents.”

They then ordered all staff present to act in this manner if they knew that students wanted to leave the country and even that students were taking foreign language courses.

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