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Z-Propagandists: Kremlin Demands Ammunition From Lukashenka

Z-Propagandists: Kremlin Demands Ammunition From Lukashenka

Korean shells are of poor quality.

Z-propagandists write that the Russian Ministry of Defence has sent an official request to Belarus to increase the supply of shells for the needs of the Russian army. The reason for this was the unsatisfactory condition of the ammunition sent to Sergei Shoigu's department by North Korea.

According to Kremlin propagandists, the inspection of the DPRK shells revealed that different types of powder are used in ammunition with the same markings, and many of the shells do not have a penetrator. This leads to uneven dispersion of the shells, a critical decrease in the accuracy of firing, and a reduction in the service life of the guns.

The Russian Federation is urgently seeking to replace the defective shells. It remains to be seen whether Moscow will be able to help Lukashenka again. After 2022, Belarus will have very little ammunition.

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