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Famous Ukrainian Actor Killed At War

Famous Ukrainian Actor Killed At War

He was defending Ukraine with a weapon in his hands.

Ukrainian famous actor Andriy Pavlenko died at the front. This is reported on Facebook by his wife Daria Orekhova.

Orekhova noted that the date of farewell to Andriy she will write later.

"War spares no one... war takes our relatives and loved ones! The war took away Andriy Pavlenko. The day of farewell to Andriy will be announced later! I will miss you very much, my love," she wrote.

Pavlenko has two children.

It is known that the actor starred in such films as "Women's Doctor", "Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno", "Photo on Documents", "Sashka" and others.

We remind you that last week famous Ukrainian actor Vasyl Kukharsky died at the front.

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