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Eggs In Russia Disappeared – Lukashenka Is Involved

Eggs In Russia Disappeared – Lukashenka Is Involved

Watch your hands.

• The fall in the exchange rate of the Russian ruble caused by the war causes an increase in the price (in rubles) of feed and an increase in the cost of chicken production in Russia.

• Lukashenka limits the export of poultry meat to Russia due to a shortage in the Belarusian domestic market (the reasons for the shortage are the same, in general).

• Prices for chicken meat are skyrocketing in Russia, of course.

• Putin, “caring for the people” (no), gives the order to eliminate the deficit at any cost.

• Poultry factories are starting to slaughter chickens, releasing the meat to the market. They have no choice.

• The Bunkerführer [dictator Putin - Ed.] ordered to slaughter that’s why laying hens – no eggs...

• Prices for chicken eggs are skyrocketing in Russia as well.

• ...to be continued.

Well, what did you expect? I don’t know what came first, the chicken or the egg (I know, but that’s another topic), but today only the Chinese can make eggs without chickens, but this is a so-so solution. And no, I’m not sure that purchasing chicken eggs from Turkey will help seriously and for a long time. Because restoring the number of laying hens is not a matter of one month. It will take at least a year and a half.

I still do not take into account the factors that have not gone away, the constant rise in price (in rubles) of feed, electricity and everything else that affects the cost of production of both chicken and eggs.

The war is going on, you know. Nowhere and no one was able to fight and not pay for it.

Iliya Vaitzman, Facebook

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