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Enforcers Raiding Mahiliou

Enforcers Raiding Mahiliou

They confiscate equipment and phones.

Enforcers conducted massive searches of Mahiliou residents on December 5 and 6, reports the MAYDAY Telegram channel. The searches are likely related to the recognition of two Mahiliou media outlets (mogilev.media and 6tv) as “extremist formations.”

Security forces came to Mahiliou residents Barys Vyrvich, Aliaksandr Aheeu, Aliaksei Batsiukou, Ihar Sharukha, Piotr Mihurski (information is being clarified) and Siarhei Antonau from Bykhau. Probably, everyone’s equipment and phones were confiscated and they were left without communication.

On November 29, the KGB declared two Mahiliou media outlets – mogilev.media and 6tv – “extremist formations”.

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