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Ukrainian Partisans Infiltrate Invaders' Covert Base In Bakhchisarai

Ukrainian Partisans Infiltrate Invaders' Covert Base In Bakhchisarai

Interesting things have been discovered.

The partisans discovered a base for housing personnel of the Russian Armed Forces in Bakhchisarai in the Crimea.

This was reported by the partisan movement “ATESH”.

According to the partisans, they managed to detect a fuel tanker moving from the Tavrida highway to Bakhchisarai. It is now known that this is one of the Russian military bases in the city.

The house with the Russians is allegedly located on Serov Street, 13.

“Defense” of the Russian Federation in the occupied Crimea

The Russian occupiers, trying to protect the Sevastopol Bay from Ukrainian attacks, turn on very powerful electronic warfare (EW) systems. They are so strong that their work is visible even from space.

After Ukraine declared that the Crimean Bridge was a legitimate target for attacks, simultaneously participating in attacks on the peninsula, the invaders began to frantically defend it. Taking this into account, the Russians built new positions for air defense systems in the temporarily occupied Crimea. However, this still does not allow them to fully repel Ukrainian attacks.

Also, the Russian occupiers set up firing positions right on the beaches of Yevpatoria and dug trenches, and erected barriers both in the Sevastopol bay and in the area of the Crimean Bridge. True, the recent storm in the Crimea washed away not only the trenches on the coast of Yevpatoria, but also demolished the barriers that protected the Kerch Bridge and Sevastopol Bay from attacks.

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