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Strong U.S. Response To Putin's Move To Expand Military Forces

Strong U.S. Response To Putin's Move To Expand Military Forces

The head of the Russian Federation is “throwing human meat around.”

The White House described the decision of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to increase the size of the Russian army. They called it a “waste of human resources.”

This position was expressed by the coordinator of the White House National Security Council, John Kirby, «Ukrinform» reports.

“There is no doubt that Putin is literally throwing human meat around, trying to hold on to the territory they illegally occupied in Ukraine while trying to take even more,” Kirby said.

He emphasized that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are superior to the Russian ones in the quality of troops, leadership, command, control, as well as in weapons provided by the United States and other countries.

Since Putin is unable to match this quality, his response boils down to trying to achieve his goals by quantitatively increasing military forces, as happened at Bakhmut.

“This only highlights the difficulties that Russians face in Ukraine and are likely to continue to face. Therefore, our urgent advice to Putin is that he abandons this and leaves Ukraine altogether, then he will not have to worry about an additional build-up of military power,” the White House spokesman emphasized.

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