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Polish Security Chief: 3 Years To Prepare For Russia Attack

Polish Security Chief: 3 Years To Prepare For Russia Attack

Russia is on a path of war.

Jacek Siewiera, the Chief of the National Security Bureau (BBN), said NATO Eastern Flank states have 3 years to prepare for Russian aggression.

He said this in an interview with the Polish publication Nasz Dziennik, answering the question of whether he agrees with the statement of the German Council on Foreign Relations that Russia can attack NATO states and they have five to nine years to prepare for this.

"Unfortunately, yes. This analysis coincides with American studies. However, in my opinion, the time frames presented by German analysts are very optimistic. NATO states on the eastern flank must accept a shorter, three-year time horizon to prepare for conflict and avoid a war. This is the time to deploy forces on the eastern flank, which would be a clear signal and deter aggression,” said the head of the Polish Security Chief.

According to Jacek Siewiera, the Russian defence industry operates in three shifts and can build up its forces in the next three years.

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