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Missile Attack On Krasnodar In Russia

Missile Attack On Krasnodar In Russia

Details of powerful explosions in the city have become known.

Russians heard explosions and saw flashes in the sky in Krasnodar (Russian Federation) on the evening of December 2. Authorities said air defences shot down missiles over the Sea of Azov that were allegedly Ukrainian S-200 anti-aircraft missiles converted to attack ground targets.

Local Telegram communities began writing about the “claps” after Saturday at 17:00 (18:00 Minsk time). Residents of the Krasnodar region filmed air defence fire, according to obozrevatel.com reports.

At first, the city’s Unified Duty Dispatch Service stated that “there have been no reports of explosions or destruction on the territory of the regional center.” Local authorities later confirmed the attack attempt.

Krasnodar Mayor Evgeny Naumov reassured the Russians, praised the occupying army and assured them that the missiles were “liquidated over the sea.”

“Dear Krasnodar residents! We have received several reports about the two flashes in the sky. I can assure you that Krasnodar and the Krasnodar region are under reliable protection. Our Russian forces worked promptly and comprehensively,” the official praised the military personnel of the aggressor country. “An attempt to attack the region was stopped at a great distance from the city,” he added. There was no destruction, he said.

He also noticed that locals published videos of air defence operating online. Naumov asked not to do this. “There is no need to show the enemy our defences,” said the mayor of the Russian city.

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