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Stoltenberg: The More We Support Ukraine – The Faster The War Will End

Stoltenberg: The More We Support Ukraine – The Faster The War Will End

NATO Secretary General insists on increasing support for Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes that the Russian-Ukrainian war will end sooner if support for Ukraine is increased. He said this in an interview with the German broadcaster ARD, published on the evening of December 2.

“I am always cautious in assessing the current situation at the front. Wars are inherently unpredictable. But we know that the more we support Ukraine, the faster the war will end,” he said.

Stoltenberg believes it is important to demonstrate to Putin that he cannot “wait out” the West in a war of attrition.

“We need to clearly understand that Putin’s victory would be a tragedy for Ukraine. But it would be dangerous for us too. We are interested in preventing his victory. We are interested to make sure that Ukraine achieves its goal,” he said.

The host noted that Stoltenberg has been talking about this for the second year, but the European Union still has failed to fulfil its promise of 1 million ammunition on time, and hopes from the counteroffensive turned out to be exaggerated.

“I agree: the front line has largely remained unchanged for the past few months. But Ukraine managed to use cruise missiles to inflict great damage on the Russians deep behind the front line. It was possible to destroy Russian planes and helicopters. It was possible to push the Russian Black Sea Fleet into the eastern part of the sea. This means that we can now keep open sea trade routes through which Ukrainian grain is exported through the Black Sea. These are all significant victories, although they did not manage to move the front line.”

The NATO Secretary General added that military conflicts develop in stages, and after successes, failures are possible, but this is not a reason to refuse support for Ukraine.

“But we must support Ukraine in both bad and good times. There is a war of attrition going on. A war where efficiency and good logistics win. Maintaining a high production rate is crucial,” Stoltenberg said.

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