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Political Prisoner Viktoryja Kulsha Placed In Punishment Cell Again

Political Prisoner Viktoryja Kulsha Placed In Punishment Cell Again

Over the past six months, she has spent 70 days in a punishment cell.

Political prisoner Viktoryja Kulsha was again placed in a punishment cell. Viktoryja was tried twice in a year under Part 1 of Article 411 of the Criminal Code (“Malicious disobedience to the legal requirements of the colony administration”). The last time the court sentenced the political prisoner to another year of imprisonment in addition to 3.5 years in prison, human rights activists report.

On June 22, Viktoryja was again transferred to women's colony #24 in the Homel region. Now it has become known that she was recently once again placed in a punishment cell; over the course of six months she was held there for at least 70 days. Several months ago she was placed in a cell-type premises.

Earlier, Viktoryja served at least 92 days in a punishment cell and six months in the cell-type premises in the Zarechcha colony. According to human rights activists, one of the guards strangled Viktoryja with his elbow while standing behind her. Because of the hunger strike, she had a heart attack twice.

Address for support: penal colony # 24, 247526, Proizvodstvennaya Street, 44, Zarechcha settlement, Rechytsa district, Homel region, Viktoryja Aliaksandrauna Kulsha.

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