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‘I Am A Citizen Of Europe’: Inadequate Russian Woman Kicks Ukrainian Man Out Of Her Store In Belgium

‘I Am A Citizen Of Europe’: Inadequate Russian Woman Kicks Ukrainian Man Out Of Her Store In Belgium

Having given out a portion of nonsense about the war in Ukraine.

Ukrainians in the center of Liege, Belgium, came across an openly pro-Russian store. Buyers are offered to buy souvenirs with the image of dictator Vladimir Putin, nesting dolls, toy balalaikas, as well as clothes with Soviet or Russian symbols. On the window display is a T-shirt with a huge letter Z — a symbol of the occupiers and Russian aggression against Ukraine, which is considered a modern swastika.

The Ukrainians managed to shoot a video inside the store. They shared it on TikTok, writes obozrevatel.com.

Visitors to the propaganda shop were able to communicate with its saleswoman, who was also, as can be understood during the dialogue, the owner of the store. The woman, as one might have guessed, turned out to be an outspoken Z-patriot. She admitted that she supports Putin and the war in Ukraine, and therefore the terrorist killings of Ukrainians.

At first, the Russian woman proudly showed off her goods. She offered customers to choose a T-shirt with a “swastika” Z or Cheburashka, depicted in the uniform of an occupier, against the background of another letter — V, also a symbol of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

However, when the saleswoman realized that she was dealing with Ukrainians, she immediately changed her tactics. To begin with, she kicked the “customers” out of the store, after which she poured out a portion of propaganda nonsense. The Russian woman also stated that her son was fighting in the ranks of the invaders, although, as commentators under the video suggested, this was a lie.

“I approve of the war in Ukraine. My son is fighting there. I am for the special military operation. This is not a war between Russia and Ukraine. This is a war between Russia and the United States. The Ukrainians themselves attacked Ukraine. You sold it. You sold your country to the Americans. It was you who attacked Donbas! Who declared the ATO?” said the Russian woman, zombified by propaganda.

Commentators under the video immediately had a logical question: “If this woman loves Russia so much that she even opens such a store, then why does she live in “decaying” Europe, and not in her homeland?” Unfortunately, this question will remain unanswered for Internet users.

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