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Belarusian Standup Comedian Dzima Zubovich Dies

Belarusian Standup Comedian Dzima Zubovich Dies

The comedian wrote that he left his jokes as a memento of himself.

Information about his death appeared on social networks, friends of the stand-up comedian express their condolences.

The causes of death are not specified, but a farewell post appeared on his Instagram page.

"I entrusted my phone to my sister to write my last post. It just so happened guys, I'm gone. I thought a lot about whether I was doing everything right, I often pondered about it in posts, and now I think, maybe I shouldn't have.

I passed away on the 2nd of December.

I will not say a long farewell, I'll just say that I passed away in my favourite city, I had time to travel, to make a large circle of friends and acquaintances, and remember everything in different ways," reads the message.

Zubovich wrote that he left his jokes as a memory of himself.

Dzima Zubovich is one of the founders of the progressive comedy project COMEDY DOGS and resident of the first stand-up club in Belarus.

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