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Dozens Of Explosions: Drones Massively Attack Kerch, Feodosia

Dozens Of Explosions: Drones Massively Attack Kerch, Feodosia

A Russian oil depot has been destroyed and the Crimean bridge is closed.

On the night of Tuesday, December 5, locals complained of explosions in the area of Kerch in Crimea temporarily occupied by Russian troops. They wrote online that there were about 30 of them and the houses were shaking.

Later it also became known about explosions in the area of an oil depot in Feodosia, Crimeans shared the information in local chats in Telegram.

The Russian Defence Ministry traditionally reported on the "successful repulsion" of the attack of allegedly 22 "Ukrainian" drones.

Thus, one of the users wrote that in Kerch, first the sound of a flight of attack drones was heard, and then explosions.

Other users noted that there were supposedly "at least 30" drones, and they hit the territory of the plant.

"There were 30 drones flying if not more!", "We woke up to the sound of explosions, everything would have been fine, but they hit something. We live nearby, 40 kilometres from the bridge, the house was shaking for 10 minutes, acquaintances wrote that they hit the factory", "We are waiting. However, it is clear what is happening", "We heard the sounds of drones, similar to the sounds of Shaheds, and then a series of explosions. The whole house is shaking!", "Concrete rumbles!", "Scary" they wrote in the network.

Some time later, part of Kerch was left without light. It was also switched off urgently by the occupants on the Crimean bridge.

Russian propaganda channels said that at least nine explosions were heard in the area of Arshintseve and the settlement of Voykive. It was also reported about the temporary suspension of traffic on the Crimean bridge.

The Crimean Wind Telegram channel noted that there were explosions again in Feodosia - at 06:05, 06:08, 06:14 and 06:25 local time. Subscribers wrote about the flying of missiles. It was also very loud in the Old Crimea.

At the same time, the defence ministry of the aggressor country Russia said that Russian air defences had repelled an attack by the "Kyiv regime". It claims to have "destroyed 22" and "intercepted 30" drones over the Sea of Azov and the peninsula.

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