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Very Important Military Facility Burns Down In Moscow

Very Important Military Facility Burns Down In Moscow

The colonel of the AFU revealed the details.

A very important military plant was burning in the Russian capital Moscow.

Military expert, colonel of the AFU reserve, flight instructor Roman Svitan in a commentary to Channel 24 said that this factory in Moscow produced hulls for military hardware. The fire at the car factory was accompanied by explosions.

Svitan noted that, in addition to hulls for hardware, this plant produced hulls for missiles. That is, it is a very important and serious military facility of the occupants. Probably, this is the work of Russian partisans. A movement that represents national minorities in Russia, who are also fighting the regime.

"They are helping us. They are fighting us on the front line, they are here on our territory, some of them are working in Russia. We will learn a lot about the resistance inside Russia after our victory. There are several dozen nationalities there who are ready to get out of this 'prison of nations'," the AFU reserve colonel remarked.

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