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Expert: Lukashenka Guiltily 'Licks' Xi Jinping From Head To Toe

Expert: Lukashenka Guiltily 'Licks' Xi Jinping From Head To Toe

The political scientist drew attention to a very strange moment during the dictator's visit to China.

On December 4, Aliaksandr Lukashenka and Xi Jinping met in China. The trip of the ruler of Belarus was rather strange - the visit was not announced even by Belarusian propaganda channels.

"Lukashenka literally snapped and flew to China, as he was at the UN climate summit before that," political technologist Boris Tizengauzen told "Channel 24", adding that the ruler of Belarus asked to meet with the Chinese leader for one important purpose.

"Lukashenkaa behaves at this meeting as if he has been allowed to sit on a chair. He "licks" Xi Jinping so guiltily from head to toe: "You are such a great ruler. You have 1.5 billion people, they all live so well." Find out how they live first, then talk. However, this is not the point," the political technologist said.

One should pay attention to a few protocol moments during the meeting:

the menu was served to the Belarusian dictator in Chinese and Russian;

at the same time, the documents - in Chinese and English.

Apparently, Aliaksandr Lukashenka neglected the Belarusian language himself, so the receiving party decided not to bother.

What is the real purpose of Lukashenka's visit?

In September 2023, Belarusian migrants attacked the borders with Poland and the Baltic States in an organised manner. Subsequently, the states decided to close the borders completely if Lukashenka threatens with the Wagner units or the influx of migrants again. As a result, Chinese transit is immediately at risk.

After that, Xi Jinping did not even invite the president of Belarus to the summit "One Belt, One Road". Lukashenka got really scared that he would spoil relations with China, so the migrants were sent to the border with Finland.

After that Finland closed the entire land border with Russia for the sake of national security since November 30. The reason is the massive flow of migrants from Russia, which threatens to destabilise the political situation in NATO countries.

"Migrants interviewed by the Finns say they have been to Belarus. They were brought from Morocco, Somalia and Syria in an organised way to Russia, then to Belarus, where Belarusian KGB and police escorted them to the border," Tizengauzen stressed.

In an interview with Russian propagandist Olga Skabeeva, Lukashenka's statements were based solely on nuclear threats. Subsequently, Lukashenka's rhetoric changed dramatically.

"Putin is putting pressure on him to terrorise with migrants. Therefore, Lukashenka needs a patron who will protect him and who is much stronger than Putin," Boris Tizengauzen emphasised.

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