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Energetic Director Of Vetka Museum Fired In Belarus

Energetic Director Of Vetka Museum Fired In Belarus

What is the reason?

It has become known that the contract with Piotr Tsalko, director of the Vetka Museum of Old Believers and Belarusian Traditions named after F. Shklyarov, has not been extended. This was reported on social networks, reports nashaniva.com.

The Vetka Museum, including due to Piotr Tsalko, has been one of the most colourful and active regional museum institutions.

"A huge number of video lectures, excursions, master classes, video conversations - the case that the famous metropolitan museums can't boast of, but the Vetka one can," they sadly note in social networks:

"The School of Household Dance" appeared in the Homel branch of the Vetka Museum, when Piotr was its head. Everyone remembers "Calling Spring", "Night of Museums", "Summer Weaving" and a huge number of events that take place in the museum".

In addition, the Vetka Museum took care of replenishing the funds with unique exhibits. Among other things, the museum announced collections for the purchase of interesting items, and was successful in this. For example, last year it managed to acquire an icon of the Mother of God, which was a part of the Royal Gate of the XIX century, more precisely a sash from the top of the gate.

And this year we also found an earlier and complete tops from the Royal Gates. Two sashes of the gate - two icons with images of the Mother of God and Archangel Gabriel".

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