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Zaluzhny Gets Idea How To Humiliate And Destroy Putin With One Sabotage

Zaluzhny Gets Idea How To Humiliate And Destroy Putin With One Sabotage

A former Kremlin spy writer has voiced an unexpected plan.

There is a split within the ruling establishment in Russia, where Putin has not yet decided whether to hold elections, and Patrushev proposes to announce a mobilisation instead, ex-Kremlin chief spy writer and political scientist Abbas Galliamov said in an interview for Fabrika Novostei.

If the best way to defend oneself is to attack, why doesn't the AFU General Staff create a diversion involving Russians fighting on the Ukrainian side and allow them to infiltrate into Russian territory?

A Russian political scientist named the conditions under which it would be better not to hold presidential elections at all: The RDK and the Russian Legion have so far infiltrated in numbers of 100 or 200, and they have upset the system. Imagine that 5 or 10 thousand will invade. I assume that Zaluzhny can easily organise it. Won't he find 5 or 10 thousand Russian-speaking Ukrainians with dual citizenship who fall within the definition of the RDK of the Russian Legion? They'll have their chevrons re-stitched, that's all, and they'll invade there instead of Prigozhin and march on Moscow".

The Russian political technologist then expressed the humiliating consequences for Putin of the sabotage, which could well have been organised by the AFU General Staff: "Then it is better that there are no elections at the moment, because if this overlaps with the elections, I say as a political technologist, the whole election campaign will collapse. You know what an election campaign is like. You know what Putin's campaign is about, don't you? He will talk about the "greatness of Russia", how it is "rising from its knees", and then, at that very moment, he has troops on the run and the RDK is advancing. Who will he look like in this situation? He will look like a fantasist, an old liar, if you will excuse the expression. That's how he will be perceived.

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