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Media: Crimea Attacked By Record Number Of Drones Since Late Summer

Media: Crimea Attacked By Record Number Of Drones Since Late Summer

The Russians admitted the strike on the oil depot.

During the night of December 5, Crimea was attacked by the largest drone attack since the end of summer. A total of 41 drones were involved in the raid, The Moscow Times reported.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, 22 aircraft-type drones were "destroyed" in the first wave over the territory of Crimea and the Sea of Azov, while another 13 drones were intercepted by electronic warfare systems.

Later, the military agency said that four more drones were destroyed and two intercepted over the Sea of Azov. There is no information about damage and casualties.

Against this background, the traffic of motor transport on the Crimean bridge was temporarily blocked. "We ask those on the bridge and in the inspection zone to stay calm and follow the instructions of transport security officers," said the telegram channel with operational information. The resumption of traffic has not yet been reported.

The most massive drone attack on Crimea took place on August 25 this year. Forty-two drones appeared in the sky over the peninsula annexed by Russia at once. All of them were suppressed and shot down, the Russian military department reported.

Russians claim drone attack on oil depot in Crimea

Russians claim that two drones tried to attack an oil depot in temporarily occupied Crimea in the morning of December 5.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Russian propaganda Telegram channels.

As they write in the network, the attempted attack occurred today around five o'clock in the morning. Two aircraft-type drones allegedly flew towards the Sea Oil Terminal oil depot. Russians traditionally claim that "all the drones were shot down by air defence forces".

According to Russian media reports, the first UAV detonated in the air and debris fell on the territory of the oil depot, while the second fell 70 metres from one of the tanks. There were no casualties, according to propaganda resources.

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