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Ukrainian Forces Take New Positions On Island Near Kherson

Ukrainian Forces Take New Positions On Island Near Kherson

Russian troops are knocked out of the village of Bilohrudove.

Ukrainian forces have likely taken up a new position in the area of Bilohrudove Island, southwest of Kherson.

This is discussed in a new report by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

On December 4, Ukrainian troops continued operations on the left bank of the Kherson region and recently took a position on Bilohrudnyi Island southwest of Kherson City.

Geolocated footage published on November 30, December 1 and December 3 indicates that the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered into battle with Russian troops in the settlement of Bilohrudove (11km southwest of Kherson City).

ISW suggests that Russian troops likely control most of Bilohrudnyi Island, with Ukrainian forces recently occupying positions near the village of Bilohrudove.

One of the Russian milbloggers also stated that as of December 4, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had taken positions in Bilohrudove.

Another milblogger claimed that Ukrainian forces allegedly temporarily advanced south of Krynki, but Russian artillery fire allegedly forced the Ukrainian troops to withdraw from their new position.

One more milblogger claimed that fighting continued near Krynki, but neither Ukrainian nor Russian forces had advanced recently.

Ukrainian observer Kostiantyn Mashovets reported that the Russian Dnepr group of troops in the Kherson region is taking advantage of bad weather to regroup and is concentrating its main forces against the Ukrainian bridgehead in Krynki.

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