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Russian Commanders Tied Mobilized Soldier Kiskorov To Tree And Tortured Him

Russian Commanders Tied Mobilized Soldier Kiskorov To Tree And Tortured Him

For refusing to take part in hostilities.

A Russian conscript, who reported that his brother was tied to a tree for refusing to fight, was forced to write that it was not the Russian servicemen who did it, but the Ukrainian military, ASTRA Telegram channel reports.

It is known that Gennady and Semyon Kiskorov were mobilized to the front last year from Novokuznetsk.

They serve in the First Motorized Rifle Battalion of military unit #21005 of the Russian Armed Forces. Both brothers demanded a transfer to alternative civilian service, motivating their desire with religious beliefs.

However, their commander refused. During a raid near occupied Donetsk, Gennady again refused to take part in hostilities, writing a corresponding report.

For this they tied him to a tree for an entire night, demanding that he change his mind and go to the front. His brother Semyon wrote a complaint, but later the command of the Russian Armed Forces forced him to change his testimony and say that Gennady was tortured by soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

However, the occupation commanders did not take into account one thing: the fact of tying the Kiskorovs was caught on video, where it is clearly visible that it was the Russian military, and not the Ukrainian, who committed the torture.

According to representatives of the human rights organization “Conscious Objector Movement”, colleagues, on the orders of Captain Rubanov, demanded that the brothers write that they had no complaints against the Russian Armed Forces at all, and that the videos and complaints posted on the Internet were, they say, “the influence of Ukrainians and foreign agents.”

“Rubanov demanded that Kiskorov delete all messages on his phone, including videos... He is putting pressure on Semyon Kiskorov... Semyon called his wife and asked to withdraw his statements about the crime,” lawyers say.

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