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Nikolai Baskov’s Epic Fail At Corporate Party

Nikolai Baskov’s Epic Fail At Corporate Party

Everyone laughed at the Putinist singer.

The Russian Putinist singer, who supported a full-scale war against Ukraine, Nikolai Baskov found himself in a very funny situation.

As he said in comments to Russian media, he was once invited to a very unusual corporate event.

According to Baskov, this happened several years ago in Moscow. The order was urgent, so the artist did not have time to figure out who was celebrating in advance.

Baskov remembered that customers were really looking forward to his arrival at the restaurant, and at any price.

A certain Georgie was celebrating his birthday, and during his performances the singer congratulated him from the stage and wished him health and all the best. Only he did not see the birthday boy’s eyes in the audience.

“And there sat a lady so posh, she was all jingling with diamonds, like a Christmas tree, with a tiara on her head. She says: “Nikolai, sing, he’s eating.” And already on the second or third song she leans under the table to her terrier, he also had a collar with diamonds, and says: “Here’s Georgie, we’re one year old today.” Well, it happens,” said Baskov.

By the way, after this story everyone laughed at Baskov.

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