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Hamas Leaders Hide Together In Tunnels: Unique Footage

Hamas Leaders Hide Together In Tunnels: Unique Footage

Five of them have already been eliminated.

The Israeli army is smashing Hamas battalions in the Strip and methodically killing their commanders. IDF intelligence intercepted photos and videos that were in the militants' possession, Details reports.

The IDF website publishes photos of a meeting of the terrorist organisation's ringleaders in a tunnel under the Indoneisi Hospital and footage of the deputy commander of the northern Gaza Brigade walking through the tunnel. The IDF Press Service describes the killed commanders of the northern Gaza Brigade, the second largest military formation, and the Gaza Brigade proper, the largest military unit.

Four Hamas combatants were killed in airstrikes following a tip-off from Shabak and AMAN. They include Shati Battalion commander Haitham Huwajari, northern Gaza Brigade deputy commander Wael Rajib (in video), narrow military cabinet member Ahmed Anjour and others.

The IDF reports that all the main positions of the Shati Battalion have been captured. Sabra Battalion command posts, infrastructure and a number of Sabra Battalion commanders have been destroyed. Gaza City is home to many military facilities, including ammunition depots in densely populated areas. "Gaza City is a prime example of Hamas using civilians as human shields," the IDF said in the release.

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