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‘Let The Brave And Daring Belarusians Finish Off This Evil Creature’

‘Let The Brave And Daring Belarusians Finish Off This Evil Creature’

A Belarusian woman sharply responded to those who wanted to bargain with the Lukashenka regime.

A reader of the website Charter97.org commented on the news that a “coordination council” close to Tsikhanouskaya is calling on the West to negotiate with the Lukashenka regime:

“Today, when I listened to Radio Racyja, my jaw dropped from what I heard.

“Today we must admit that the fight against the regime is pointless, so let’s ask for negotiations and the release of political prisoners.” How is that? First, with their senseless actions, they helped bring terror and repression to an unprecedented scale, destroying everything Belarusian... It was thanks to their cowardice that Lukashenka destroyed all opposition structures, and today, when Belarus is one step away from North Korea, they want to free political prisoners by appeasing the dictator.

I know that this question is very delicate, and being free and safe, I may not have the right to talk like that. But will Lukashenka release his political opponents: Mikalai Statkevich, Ales Bialiatski, Yauhen Afnahel, Henadz Fiadynich, Nasta Loika, Ihar Losik? I think not, in today’s situation this is a thousand times “no!”

Yes, perhaps, thanks to bargaining with the dictator, it will be possible to free the people who suffered for a “like” or comment. And these are people too, because every human life has the same value. But for the rest it will mean decades in prison, even death in prison. How can they survive behind bars, when their efforts were simply “nullified”, erased, when their sacrifice became unimportant and unnecessary?

How can we look into the eyes of the relatives whose sons and husbands gave their lives for the freedom of Belarus?

I just want to say that these traders take their money, buy themselves a house on the Italian islands and let the brave and courageous Belarusians finish off this evil creature.

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