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Media Reports: Hamas Leaders Attempting Escape From Gaza Strip

Media Reports: Hamas Leaders Attempting Escape From Gaza Strip

This is indicated by the latest decision of the terrorists.

On Wednesday, December 6, it became known that the top of the Hamas terrorist group began preparing to escape from the Gaza Strip. This is indicated by the group's decision to open mosques in the Rafah area to refugees from across the enclave.

Israelinfo writes about this.

It is noted that several mosques located in Rafah are adjacent to the Philadelphia Corridor on the border with Egypt. There are terrorist tunnels in this area. Weapons smuggling was previously carried out via those tunnels.

Since the start of the armed conflict in the Gaza Strip, Hamas has never opened a mosque for refugees. Such a decision, according to experts, may indicate that the top of the group, including Yahya Sinwar, are thinking about escaping to Egypt.

Currently, most Hamas leaders are already in either Qatar and Turkey.

The terrorists want to mingle with the refugees so that Israeli troops cannot stop them. However, the IDF will do everything possible to prevent the escape of Sinwar, who is the main organizer of the massacre of Jews on October 7.

Information about the possible escape of Hamas leaders appeared against the backdrop of the IDF’s successes in the offensive operation in the Gaza Strip. The troops began to move south, which cast a serious blow for the group.

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