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Israeli Military Break Through Into Khan Younis Centre

Israeli Military Break Through Into Khan Younis Centre

The IDF has captured Hamas strongholds.

The IDF military managed to break into the centre of Khan Younis, a major city in the southern Gaza Strip.

The IDF said this in a statement, The Times of Israel reported.

According to the IDF, the Israeli 98th Division "launched a combined attack in the area of the town of Khan Younis against the Hamas terrorist organisation's concentration centres."

The IDF specified that within hours, the troops broke through the defence of a Hamas brigade in Khan Younis, surrounded the town and began manoeuvring inland.

The troops leading the offensive seized Hamas strongholds, recovered weapons and intelligence material. Numerous militants were also killed and dozens of destroyed tunnels were discovered.

Meanwhile, according to the IDF, Commando Brigade forces, along with the Givati Brigade, have reached the centre of Khan Younis and are conducting "targeted raids into the heart of the city", killing Hamas militants and destroying the terror group's infrastructure.

The IDF said in one of the operations it destroyed a weapons storage facility in a mosque.

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