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Svitan: AFU Preparing Serious Strike In South

Svitan: AFU Preparing Serious Strike In South

Combat reconnaissance was carried out.

Ukrainian drones have caused a lot of trouble for the Russians in occupied Crimea. Explosions were heard already on at least 3 strategically important areas. At the same time, this could be combat reconnaissance to identify and suppress the enemy air defence.

Thus, recently explosions were heard in Arabatska Strelka, in Bagerive and the oil depot in Feodosia.

Colonel of the reserve of the AFU, flight instructor, military expert Roman Svitan told "Channel 24" that the target of such strikes might be enemy air defences.

A Serious Strike May Be Prepared in the South

On December 5, more than 40 drones were carrying out missions across the occupied peninsula. According to Svitan, some of the drones were most likely used as decoys to lure out the air defence. And the strike drones were already firing at those systems.

"The main objective if they work on air defence is to gain an advantage in the air. That is, there can be preparation for more serious strikes. For example, with strike missiles," the reserve colonel said.

Russia is Throwing New Units Into Crimea

The Atesh partisan movement reported that the Russians are transferring new units of mobilised troops from Yakutia to the occupied peninsula. According to Svitan, Russia has already sent "fighting Buryats" before, and then the railway service was blown up in their homeland, which, of course, could be a coincidence.

The military expert noted that Ukrainian security services may well "put these mobilised people on the right track". Consequently, new problems may arise in Russia.

Minus Russian Su on Snake Island

Ukrainian defenders liquidated an enemy Su-24M bomber near Snake Island. This is a heavy front-line aircraft. According to Svitan, with the help of Su-24M, the enemy tried to drop gliding air bombs or missiles in the area of the island.

"The Su-24 is well visible over the sea, so it could have been shot down from most of our SPGs that could be standing on the shore. It's about 30 kilometres there to Snake Island," the military expert said.

Consequently, the enemy bomber could have been destroyed by S-300, IRIS-T and NASAMS. In addition, unambiguously Patriot could have destroyed the Russian Su. However, in this case, not only the Su-24M would have fallen, but also the fighter jet accompanying it.

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