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Bryansk School Girl Comes To School With Shotgun And Shoots Her Classmates

Bryansk School Girl Comes To School With Shotgun And Shoots Her Classmates

Dead and wounded, the shooter committed suicide.

On the morning of 7 December, an eighth-grader opened fire in a biology class at a school in Bryansk, Russia. Two people died and four others were injured. The student herself committed suicide.

This was reported by TASS, RIA Novosti and Russian Telegram.

According to preliminary information, the schoolgirl entered the gymnasium No. 5 with a shotgun and fired several shots. The territory of the school was cordoned off. Armed law enforcement officers arrived at the scene.

Russian media later quoted the Bryansk city administration as saying that four people had been injured and two had died.

According to preliminary reports, one of the victims was the assailant herself. She has been identified as 14-year-old class 8A student Alina A. The second victim was her classmate Maria N. It is also known that four schoolchildren were injured.

It is also reported that the girl opened fire during a biology lesson. She sneaked up to the fourth floor of the school with a shotgun, entered the classroom and started shooting. Alina A. fired five shots from a shotgun. She was late for biology class and opened fire as she entered the classroom. All this happened at about 9.15 am (Minsk time).

Later, a picture emerged of 14-year-old Alina opening fire on her classmates. "She was different from other kids, she didn't hang out, she didn't spend time on social networks, and for that she was bullied," Russian media reported. After shooting several people, she committed suicide.

One of the four injured students is now in intensive care.

Russian media reported that the shooter, eighth-grader Alina A., had been bullied at school since primary school. This may have been one of the reasons why the eighth-grader opened fire on the boys.

The moment Alina pulled out a gun and started shooting, the children tried to hide under their desks. Teachers tried to talk to the girl, but nothing worked.

The weapon from which 14-year-old Alina A. opened fire on her classmates was a 16-calibre Bekas-3 hunting rifle.

It belonged to the girl's father. She brought it to school in a tube, entered the biology class during roll call and started shooting at her classmates.

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