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Belarusians Rush To Buy Currency

Belarusians Rush To Buy Currency

Businesses are also stocking up on dollars and euros.

In November, the population acted as a net buyer of foreign currency. Businesses also stock up on foreign currency. This follows from the statistics of the National Bank.

In November, Belarusians bought foreign currency worth $933 million. This is $57.6 million more than they sold. This is atypical behavior for the population this year: Belarusians were more active in buying currency than in selling it only in January, October and November; in other months the situation was the opposite.

Belarusian firms also stocked up on foreign currency in November - they bought it in the equivalent of almost 2.4 billion dollars, and sold it - just over 2.1 billion.

In total, in January-November, businesses bought foreign currency worth $23.1 billion, and sold - 22.04 billion. And the population bought it for almost 8.8 million, and sold – for more than 9.2 million dollars.

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