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'Novosibirsk - Moscow' Plane Catches Fire Right In Air

'Novosibirsk - Moscow' Plane Catches Fire Right In Air

Sparks and flames were coming out of the engines as the plane gained altitude.

A plane caught fire in the air in Russia. This is the second case in two days.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the MASH and Astra telegram channels.

The engines of the plane of the Novosibirsk - Moscow flight burst into flames.

"The aircraft took off on time. However, when gaining altitude, sparks and flames suddenly started coming out of both engines. The crew requested a landing from the dispatcher and then managed to land the craft successfully," the SHOT channel reported.

The plane made an emergency landing. There were 176 people on board - without any injuries.

"During the landing, the captain said that the brakes caught fire. All passengers have already got off, everything is fine. The flight was scheduled for 14:20," one of the passengers told ASTRA channel.

The fire could have occurred because the engine was operating in an unstable mode.

We remind you that on December 7, a plane's engine caught fire in the air in Russia. It happened a few minutes after takeoff.

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