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Expert Voices Interesting Details Of Kiva's Liquidation, Which Didn't Get In Media

Expert Voices Interesting Details Of Kiva's Liquidation, Which Didn't Get In Media

The political scientist made an intriguing statement about the "SSU list".

Almost immediately after it became known about the murder of Ilya Kiva in Moscow suburbs, the Ukrainian political scientist, a fighter of the AFU Kyrylo Sazonov voiced his version of what happened. And the very next day he shared the details of what happened in his Telegram-channel.

The Ukrainian political scientist began his post quite intriguingly: "Probably, everyone has already celebrated the news about the traitor Ilya Kiva, but I see from the comments that not everyone understands the meaning and not all the interesting moments get into the media, that's why I decided to add a few details. First: don't assume that the operation was easy and the traitor was walking along the dark streets without guards. Kiva worked for the Kremlin propaganda and was under the protection of the Russian security services, although this did not save him."

After that, Kyrylo Sazonov spoke about the incident in even more detail: "Second: Kiva is not the first one, right? The SSU is working systematically in this direction. On the same day with Kiva, a war criminal, the so-called "deputy" of the "LPR" Oleg Popov, was liquidated in Luhansk. And before that, how many such criminals have already been 'listening to Kobzon'?"

"And the third, most interesting: there are already interesting conversations about the existence of a conditionally long "list of Malyuk", the head of the SSU. This list includes people who committed war crimes and called for the genocide of Ukrainians. The SSU "gets" people from "Malyuk's list" wherever they are and however they hide. As we can see, they "get" them skilfully. We have reason to be proud of our special services. Who is next on the list?" summarised the AFU volunteer.

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