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FSB Agent Mazepa Caught In Odesa

FSB Agent Mazepa Caught In Odesa

The traitor even managed to file an application to join United Russia.

An agent of the Russian FSB who was spying on air defense systems and anti-ship defense was detained in Odesa.

As the SSU said, the traitor was preparing sabotage in the region.

Also, with the money of the Russian special services, he was engaged in self-PR, as he wanted to become a people's deputy after the invaders came to power.

The detainee placed political advertisements on several Odesa minibuses under the guise of promoting environmental values.

Curators from the Russian Federation paid the traitor a monthly salary of 5.5 thousand dollars.

They recruited the man in October of this year and gave him the call sign “Mazepa.” He transmitted information to Moscow via messenger and even filed an application to join the United Russia party.

Now the Odesa resident who was suspected under the article of the Criminal Code “High Treason” faces life imprisonment.

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