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‘Belarusian TV Tried To Fake Certain Somebody Being Back In Minsk’

‘Belarusian TV Tried To Fake Certain Somebody Being Back In Minsk’

But it didn't really succeed.

The certain somebody has disappeared again. So he made a big diplomatic breakthrough on distant frontiers and immediately disappeared. Well, he disappeared, there’s nothing special about it. It happens to everyone. This happens to him regularly. Like, never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. There would be nothing to talk about, writes the Telegram channel a target="_blank" href=https://t.me/pisma_k/811>“Letters to my daughter”.

But this time, the certain somebody didn’t just disappear. This time he disappeared under rather suspicious circumstances. And I won’t make any conspiracy conclusions for you. You know how much I dislike conspiracy theories. I’ll just tell you the conspiracy facts.

First, the certain somebody suddenly left the summit in Dubai and flew to China. Although nothing was foreshadowed. The certain somebody had no plans to suddenly fly to China. But, characteristically, Chinese Xi found some free time for this unexpected visitor. Although to Chinese Xi, the certain somebody is not even like dust at his feet.

And after the meeting with Xi, the certain somebody’s plane flew back to Dubai and since then we haven’t heard anything from both of them. Although the Belarusian TV tried to portray that the certain somebody was back in Minsk. But Belarusian TV didn’t really succeed.

But Putin suddenly flew to Dubai. And it’s curious that Belarusian TV didn’t even notice Putin’s flight to Dubai. Although Putin arranged his flight so that everyone could see him. But the Belarusian TV failed to see it. Although the main viewer of Belarusian TV was in Dubai at that very time.

And when Putin had already finished flying to Dubai, the President of Iran flew to Moscow right on the same day. But the certain somebody still hasn’t appeared since then.

These are the conspiracy facts I have for you. I don’t have any conspiracy theories. I can say one thing. Now, if they all wanted not to attract attention to their movements, then they somehow did it very stupidly. Well, they even caught my attention. What can we say about people who are specially trained to pay attention.

On the other hand, it was just the certain somebody trying not to attract attention to themselves after playing hockey in China. And the certain somebody is a well-known conspiracy theorist and specialist in conspiracies with their subsequent exposure. So it may well be that these are not conspiracy facts, but simply random coincidences.

Do you know what was definitely not a coincidence? Falcons that dropped a rat on the steps of the government house on the day Babaryka and Tsapkala were refused registration.

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