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Lukashenka Not To Return To Belarus?

Lukashenka Not To Return To Belarus?

The dictator, after China and the UAE, flew to Africa.

The press service of dictator Aliaksandr Lukashenka reported that he was not yet planning to return to his homeland, and would visit a number of countries on the African continent as an “official visit”.

The press service did not specify which countries Lukashenka was going to visit. Earlier there was talk of a possible visit to Equatorial Guinea. Yesterday, Belarusian Foreign Minister Siarhei Aleynik arrived there.

Lukashenka arrived in the UAE on November 29. The purpose of the visit was participation in the climate summit under the auspices of the UN.

On December 3, Lukashenka flew to China and returned to the UAE the next day.

Then for several days the press service did not report on his time in the UAE, and yesterday published footage of the meeting of the Lukashenka family with the President of the UAE.

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