25 May 2024, Saturday, 22:43
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Israel Reveals Hamas Bunker Tunnel Discovered Within School Classroom

Israel Reveals Hamas Bunker Tunnel Discovered Within School Classroom

A unique footage.

Militants of the terrorist organization Hamas are massively using civilians in the Gaza Strip as human shields. Criminals set up their positions in schools, hospitals and mosques.

Moreover, terrorists are launching missiles at Israel directly from the tent camp of evacuated Gaza civilians.

Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, announced this on social media.

According to him, in the Shujaiya area, Israeli soldiers discovered a tunnel in a mosque. In addition, another shelter for Hamas militants was discovered right in the school classroom — from there there is an entrance to the tunnel where the terrorists were located.

The day before, IDF soldiers identified the positions of Palestinian terrorists on the territory of Al-Azhar University. Members of the 749th Reserve Engineer Battalion of the Israel Defense Forces destroyed buildings, including terrorist infrastructure, that were used for military activities.

The IDF also confirmed that on December 6, Hamas terrorists fired 12 missiles at Israeli civilians in the city of Beer Sheva. It is worth noting that the missiles were launched from the tents of evacuated Gazan civilians in Rafah.

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