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Invasion From Belarus: One Operation Option Disclosed

Invasion From Belarus: One Operation Option Disclosed

The aim is to capture an important bridgehead.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov assessed the threat of a new Russian landing in Ukraine. He reminded that at the beginning of the invasion in February 2022, paratroopers tried to land in Gostomel and Vasylkiv in Kyiv Region, but the Ukrainian military repelled these attempts.

During an interview on his YouTube channel, Zhdanov stressed that the Ukrainian defenders had then eliminated almost all of the Russian paratroopers. And the occupiers are still unable to recover from those events. However, even despite the heavy losses, it is not possible to say that the Russian landing force is a thing of the past.

"Now one of the options of an invasion operation in Ukraine from the side of Belarus is being considered. We understand that it is not today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It could be in the medium term if the Russian Federation starts to form a strike force. But as an option we can consider an landing from the side of Belarus to seize a bridgehead and break through our defenses on the border. Is it possible - theoretically, yes. Practically - the Russian Federation has no forces and means. We considered the possibility of landing maritime troops in Odessa - again, no," the expert said.

According to Zhdanov, Russia has managed to impose on Ukraine a positional war on the pattern of World War II, during which it is very difficult to conduct landing operations - both sea and land ones.

"But in a modern war, landing, capturing an object and holding it until the main forces come is quite acceptable," he added.

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