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Belarusian NPP Prepares To Launch Second Power Unit

Belarusian NPP Prepares To Launch Second Power Unit

The third one is under discussion.

Today, Deputy Minister of Energy Mikhail Mikhdziuk told how “the situation is at the facility”, and what we all can expect.

Thus, the first trial connection of the second power unit of the BelNPP to the network is planned in March-April. The installation of process equipment and pipelines is almost completed at the block. Start-up work is being carried out. Preparations are underway for heating and hydraulic testing of the primary and secondary circuits of the reactor plant for strength and density.

This will be followed by reaching the minimum controlled power level of the reactor plant.

The Ministry of Energy writes that “after that, specialists will have to conduct a large amount of physical, electrical and other tests in various operating modes of the unit with a phased increase in its capacity.”

The commissioning of the second power unit is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

Will Belarusians have a third power unit? And does the country need those billion kWh that it can potentially provide? As Mikhail Mikhdziuk said, work on studying this issue continues: “Now we are studying everything, working with the Ministry of Economy and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in order to develop a feasibility study in the near future in order to make a final decision.”

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