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‘Gods Of War’: Striking Selection Of Ukrainian Artillery Work

‘Gods Of War’: Striking Selection Of Ukrainian Artillery Work

Neither armor nor disguise saves the occupiers.

At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the American and British NLAW and Javelin anti-tank systems, as well as the Ukrainian development of Stugna, played a key role in defending the country. But in recent months, artillery has become one of the main striking forces of the Ukrainian army.

In the spring of 2022, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received Polish Krab artillery howitzers, American M109A3GN self-propelled guns, French CAESAR and Slovak ShKH Zuzana 2.

The numerical superiority of the Russian army in equipment is leveled by the accurate firing of Western guns, which are controlled by Ukrainian fighters trained to meet NATO standards.

The Charter97.org website has collected the brightest videos of the work of Ukrainian artillerymen.

“Champion” for torn-off turrets

In 2022, the Russian media wrote that the 2S7 Pion self-propelled gun is the most powerful self-propelled artillery mount in the world. In turn, the Ukrainian soldiers showed how it is torn apart by a high-precision projectile. The video was filmed in the Kherson region.

The newest Russian tank T-90AM “Proryv” was blown up from the first shot, and then burned out. The export value of such a tank is about 2.5 million dollars, and the cost of the most modernized version reaches 4.3 million dollars.

Thanks to Ukrainian artillery, Russian tanks have a new “champion” in terms of turret fly-offs.

In the Kherson region, Ukrainian artillerymen destroyed an enemy Tor air defense system with a direct hit.

Artillerymen of the 57th Motorized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two enemy tanks with well-aimed shots.

In the Kherson line, the defenders of Ukraine defeated the equipment of the invaders with a guided 155-mm Excalibur projectile. It can be fired from any modern artillery system of the NATO standard. For example, from the American M777 howitzer or the French CAESAR.

The last “flight” of a Russian tanker after a shell hit his car was caught on video. Artillerymen of the Bila Tserkva 72nd Motorized Rifle Brigade named after the Black Cossacks stood out for their accuracy.

Interrupted “picnic”

The 44th separate artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of the city of Hulyaipole forced Russian marines to flee from their positions.

Soldiers of the air assault troops and artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a unit of Russians crawling across the field.

Ukrainian artillerymen destroy the enemy even in the trenches. The video was recorded in the Bakhmut area.

Ukrainian artillerymen accurately hit the positions of an enemy infantry unit near Bakhmut.

The Russians decided to arrange a “picnic” in a picturesque Ukrainian forest. With the help of aerial reconnaissance, the artillerymen of the 54th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy.

Ukrainian fighters with the help of artillery attacked a group of invaders moving along the road in the occupied settlement. At the 28th second of the recording, you can see how the blast wave carries to a great height something similar to a body of a liquidated occupier.

Neither camouflage nor trenches save the invaders. The video below shows the artillerymen of one of the separate airmobile brigades of the Airborne Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroying the personnel and ammunition of the Russians in southern Ukraine.

Ukrainian fighters found a group of Russian soldiers trying to disguise themselves in a private compound. How it ended can be seen in the next video.

“Dismantling” of equipped positions

A huge explosion destroyed the command post of the Russian army. The blow was delivered by the artillerymen of the brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign.

Soldiers of the National Guard hit the Wagner barracks near Bakhmut. The platoon of invaders was almost completely destroyed.

The Russians settled in the house of one of the captured villages. They also stored ammunition there. The artillerymen of the 56th separate motorized infantry brigade of the Mariupol Armed Forces of Ukraine took advantage of the situation. The super-powerful explosion was caught on video.

In the area of Bakhmut, Donetsk region, artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a platoon stronghold of the Russian invaders.

The nighttime adjustment of fire from aerial reconnaissance of the volunteer unit “Charter” was successfully supplemented by the work of adjacent artillery in the Bakhmut direction.

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