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Lackey's Feast

Lackey's Feast
Leonid Nevzlin

We are waiting for Lukashenka's solemn visit to North Korea.

Driven into a corner with his patron, Lukashenka went on a tour where he met with potential allies and sponsors: first to China, then to Iran.

Let the Lackey's Feast begin. Lukashenka called Xi Jinping his “old friend, a very intelligent, wise, creative and modern person”. Apparently, even he realized that having Russia is not enough. he was looking for an opportunity to sell out to another “superpower”.

“I am observing with great respect how persistently your people resist external pressure, attempts to impose someone else's will,” Lukashenka said in Tehran. Let's translate: he is watching with great respect that the Iranian regime suppresses protests, kills and jails political opponents.

However, Lukashenka can share his experience with the Iranians in this respect. It is still unknown, who more greatly succeeded in this field.

We are waiting for Luka's solemn visit to North Korea, where he will joyfully praise the democracy of Kim Jong-un: a role model for him and for Putin.

Leonid Nevzlin, Telegram

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