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Putin: Russia Will Deploy Nuclear Weapons In Belarus

Putin: Russia Will Deploy Nuclear Weapons In Belarus

Storage facilities are under construction.

Putin announced that the Russian Federation would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

“We have already helped Belarusians re-equip aircraft, 10 types of aircraft are ready for the use of tactical weapons, we handed over the Iskander, from April 3 we will start training crews, we will start building a storage facility for nuclear weapons,” the head of the Kremlin said.

“On July 1, we are finishing the construction of a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus,” Putin said.

“We are not transferring our tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, but we will deploy them and train the military, like the United States does in Europe,” he said.

Important to note, a well-known American historian Yuri Felshtinsky stated in an interview with Charter97.org that Russia could launch nuclear strikes on Europe from Belarus.

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