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Volodymyr Fesenko: China Сould Have Given Secret Instructions On Nuclear Weapons In Belarus

Volodymyr Fesenko: China Сould Have Given Secret Instructions On Nuclear Weapons In Belarus

Beijing is distancing itself from Russia's aggressive actions.

The other day, Putin announced that the Russian Federation would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. The Charter97.org website talked about what is really behind the words of the Kremlin's boss with a well-known Ukrainian political scientist, head of the Penta Center for Applied Political Studies Volodymyr Fesenko.

– Putin's statement about the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus is a clear blackmail of the West. I'd like to emphasize that not of Ukraine, but of the West, since they can use nuclear weapons from Belarus both against Ukraine and against the West.

Apparently, this idea was born a long time ago. For the first time, this was discussed back in 2021, before the start of a big war. Then Lukashenka asked for the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus. It was a long con. He had a conflict with the Poles and the EU, and Putin used this to put pressure on the West. Even then, an ultimatum from the United States and NATO was being prepared, which was delivered at the end of 2021.

The war changed everything. Putin intended to achieve his goals through a quick victory in Ukraine - it did not work out. They decided to replay this scenario and now it is aimed at trying to scare the West and force it to stop the supply of weapons.

This is also such an exchange of messages: "We are responding to escalation with escalation." Formally, the supply of shells with depleted uranium by Great Britain was chosen as the reason. There is actually no ban on it. Russia has it too. Some experts say it was also used in Ukraine.

For Moscow, this is a reason to scare with nuclear weapons once again, as well as to deliver a message: “Do not supply weapons to Ukraine, otherwise we will escalate the war in Ukraine.” Therefore, Putin spoke about tanks on the same day.

What is essential in this situation is that, on the one hand, he is frightening, and on the other, he shows that he is ready for negotiations. Note they said that Russia will fulfill its obligations under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Although a month ago, Putin personally said that Russia was suspending participation in this agreement. Such a paradox that does not really exist.

Then, Putin also said that it seems that Russia is suspending participation in this agreement, but at the same time, it will comply with its regulations. The Russian Foreign Ministry spoke about this separately.

And now they are going to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus, but at the same time they say that I will not violate the rules of the START Treaty.

– What does this mean?

– That Putin is keeping the doors open for possible negotiations. This statement is not for confrontation with the West. Formally, it looks like this, but in reality it is an attempt to push the West into negotiations through intimidation. But this is unlikely to work well. This tactic worked until the big war, and even then not every time. Now Putin, let's say, is not perceived as a contractual partner. He still doesn't seem to understand it.

– China reacted to Putin's statement. The Chinese Foreign Ministry refers to the UN Security Council's statement on preventing a nuclear arms race. Will China take a more active position to prevent escalation?

– It is good that China is acting from such positions. This is not the country's first statement against the use of nuclear weapons, but so far it looks theoretical. Where is the direct criticism of Russia or the call not to do this in this statement? The problem is that this is, I emphasize, a theoretical call.

It is good that China is declaring a position against the nuclear arms race, but I doubt that this will affect Putin. I do not rule out that China secretly said: "Yes, you can scare them with words, but the main thing is that nuclear weapons should not be used."

China declares formal neutrality, that's good. China is distancing itself from Russia's aggressive actions.

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