1 December 2023, Friday, 22:29
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Colonel Nedzelsky: There'll Be Assassination Attempt On Putin

Colonel Nedzelsky: There'll Be Assassination Attempt On Putin

A group of officers and representatives of special services are capable of a coup d'état.

When the Ukrainian army liberates all the territory of our country from the occupying troops, certain processes will begin inside Russia that threaten both the Russian Federation and personally the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin. Already now, due to the failure of the dictator in the war, certain groups of officers and representatives of special services have arisen in Russia. They are ready for a coup d'état. AFU Colonel and military expert Petro Nedzelsky expressed his opinion in an exclusive interview with obozrevatel.com.

– It became known that on New Year's Eve 2023, Putin's press secretary Peskov proposed a toast to the long-term war. The aggressor says that in fact, they do not have enough strength for a quick victory. Is this good news for us? Or is it more bad news because the enemy is trying to drag out the war and make it permanent?

– First of all, with this phrase, he demonstrated the weakness of Russia. Remember, at the beginning of a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, they said that "Kyiv will fall in 3-4 days". Today they say that this is a war for a long time. This is the result of the heroism and military talent of our defenders and the entire Ukrainian people.

This phrase by Peskov is a sign of the fiasco of the Kremlin's policy. If, in the course of the counteroffensive Ukrainian Defenсe Forces, we manage to completely drive out the occupying forces from the territory of our country, this could be a disaster both for Russia in general and for Putin personally.

There is growing discontent inside the Russian Federation. The Russians will see that this war has come to nothing. Ukraine fought back, Russia fell into global isolation and its economy is bursting at the seams. Moreover, some Russian politicians see that Putin has brought them to such a position, and they want to stage a coup in the Kremlin. I am deeply convinced that there are already officers and representatives of special services in Russia who are ready for this step.

– But, even though the Russian occupation army is exhausted, we understand that we are talking about a very large country with a very large mobilization potential. You can still collect quite a lot of "mobics" [Russian mobilized troops - Ed.] on them. In addition, the Russian Federation also has some kind of defence industry, albeit not very modern. At the same time, Ukraine has very serious support from Western partners and a huge motivation for its defenders. Which of these two potentials, in your opinion, has more weight in the war?

– Undoubtedly - the potential of Ukraine. I will explain. It is because warfare has already changed. Armies win not with numbers, but with skills, modern equipment and weapons. We know examples of when there were 20 or even 40 times more Ork fighters than Ukrainian fighters in certain sectors of the frontline. And only thanks to the heroism of our soldiers, the talent of commanders and the capabilities of weapons, we eliminated their numerical advantage.

In addition, these "mobics" are completely unprepared and untrained. Our soldiers say that the fields are littered with the corpses of the invaders, corpses of the Wagner PMC mercenaries, ours mow them down, and they go right over the corpses of their "comrades". They take some kind of narcotic drugs for sure.

Russian artillery is outdated, it’s Soviet-type. Today the war has the character of artillery duels. Intelligence allows you to determine the locations of the accumulation of enemy forces and they are simply covered with fire.

Yes, the war will drag on because they have a lot of orcs. They will send obsolete tanks T-55, T-62 to the front. But the tanks provided to Ukraine are much better. If they also gave fighters, it would be great.

If we take into account all these elements, then we can hope that we will be able to defeat the Russian army. First, we will force them out of Ukraine, and then those protest actions that I spoke about will begin in Russia. I hope the end is near.

Yes, we all hope so. But, unfortunately, not everything is so bad in the Russian army. For example, the invaders have Iskander missiles and Caliber missiles. The first hit targets at a distance of up to 700 km, the second - up to 2500 km. The Ukrainian army does not yet have such long-range missiles.

– Yes, these missiles can cover long distances and strike deep into the rear of our troops, but the fact is that Russia has almost run out of these missiles. Up to tens of thousands of artillery shells were fired in the course of hostilities, and the Russians no longer have a large number of these missiles. They cannot solve their tactical missions on the battlefield.

– Let us sum up everything you said. What, in your opinion, is the main advantage of the Ukrainian army, which will make it possible to carry out a powerful counteroffensive and liberate, if not the entire territory of Ukraine, then at least most of it?

– The advantage of our Armed Forces consists of several things. First of all, this is a very strong motivation of our soldiers, because they are defending their homeland. This is the first thing. Second, we have gained a very skilful team of generals and commanders. They have real warfare experience. Third, these are the weapons that our allies provide us with. Fourth, the support of the world community.

All these components will lead to victory. At the very least, we will drive the enemy out of Ukraine. And then processes will begin in Russia itself. It will lead to the collapse of Russia. But that's another story.

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