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All Yauhen Liviant’s Belarusian Educational Centers Are Searched

All Yauhen Liviant’s Belarusian Educational Centers Are Searched

CEO arrested.

Searches were carried out in the founded by teacher Yauhen Liviant 100 Points Educational Center buildings in different cities of Belarus. The Center CEO was detained, according to Radio Liberty.

According to the publication, the searches took place at the head office of the 100 Points Educational Center in Minsk and in the buildings of its regional branches.

The security services arrested Tatsiana Karnei, the CEO of the Centre, the reason for the arrest is unknown.

Recall that at the end of last year, it became known about the detention of the founder and co-owner of the 100 Points Yauhen Liviant.

On January 3, pro-government Telegram channels reported that Liviant's daughter Hanna and her husband Mikita Drozd, who had returned from Poland in December, had been detained “for violating the rules”. A little later, Zerkalo's sources said that Yuliya, the wife of Yauhen Liviant, was also detained. After that, information appeared about the detention of the teacher and individual entrepreneur Aliaksei Ivanou, who, together with Mr Liviant, founded the 100 Points Educational Center.

On January 24, it became known that Mr Liviant, his relatives and Mr Ivanou were transferred to the pre-trial detention center on Volodarsky Street. It was reported that a criminal case was initiated against them under article 342 of the Criminal Code (Organization of actions grossly violating public order or active participation in such actions).

Yauhen Liviant is a well-known Belarusian teacher, tutor in physics and mathematics, and the head of the 100 Points Educational Center. They are engaged in teaching activities connected with the passing of the State Centralized Testing.

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