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Expelling Russia From UN Security Council: Resolution Has Been Filed

Expelling Russia From UN Security Council: Resolution Has Been Filed

The initiative came from two influential U.S. congressmen.

Two influential U.S. congressmen from the U.S. Republican and Democratic parties, representatives of the so-called Helsinki Commission, Joe Wilson and Steve Cohen, initiated the process of expelling Russia from the UN Security Council.

Wilson announced this on his official Twitter account on April 1.

“Russia has committed mass atrocities in Ukraine and therefore, by definition, does not qualify for membership in the UN Security Council. Cohen and I filed a resolution excluding Russia from the UN Security Council,” wrote the U.S. congressman.

He has also published an extract of the resolution. It states that Russia breaks the UN principles by waging an aggressive war of conquest against a neighboring country.

The congressmen also mentioned the fact that Russian aggression is aimed primarily at the peaceful population of Ukraine, heinous atrocities including homicide, rape, torture, and deportation, also children, by the Russians have been recorded.

Wilson and Cohen in their resolution also drew attention to the growing degree of nuclear threats from Moscow. Such blatant behavior of the Russian Federation, the U.S. congressmen are sure, is the basis for Russia's exclusion from the UN Security Council.

It should be noted that from today, from April 1, 2023, it will preside over the UN Security Council. The aggressor country will head the organization for exactly a month as part of the planned rotation. Kyiv and its allies consider this unacceptable.

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