30 May 2023, Tuesday, 3:23
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

‘That's Quality Of Belarusian Light Industry!’

‘That's Quality Of Belarusian Light Industry!’

Parents of schoolchildren are forced to wear low-quality school uniforms.

A reader of the Charter97.org website said that low-quality uniforms are imposed on the parents of Belarusian schoolchildren.

“No sooner had the school year ended than they began to order wearing school uniforms again. Ours decided to add vests to it. Today we must tell the sizing of our children to order this ‘beauty’. I do not know how much my son will grow over the summer: 5 or 10 centimeters high. Does he need a vest in his wardrobe in general?

How long will they impose school uniforms? I am a mother of a restless boy. How many sets of uniforms do I need to purchase in order to wear it clean every day? This year, the trousers of the uniform had to be purchased a month later (the knees were torn through).

That’s the quality of the Belarusian light industry! Not to mention the stratospheric price, artificial fabric, terrifying colour and design.

I’m terrified to look at this gray-blue children's wave when picking up my son after school. I want so much to see our children colourful, relaxed and stylish!” our reader wrote.