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High-Ranking FSB Officers Liquidated In Russia's Bryansk Region

High-Ranking FSB Officers Liquidated In Russia's Bryansk Region

The Russian Defense Ministry was responsible for the blowing up.

Two Russian FSB officers, including a lieutenant colonel, have been blown up by a Russian mine in Russia's Bryansk region. But everyone is trying to make it look as if they were killed by a sabotage-reconnaissance group.

On June 6, two members of the FSB Border Guard Department of Bryansk region, while patrolling the state border near the village of Brakhlov in Klimovsk district of Bryansk region, blew themselves up on a mine, a source told VChK-OGPU.

Lieutenant Colonel Skuratov and Ensign Kuzmin died as a result of their injuries. The investigation revealed that the mine had been laid by servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The leadership of the military investigation department of the Investigative Committee is attempting to conceal this fact by presenting the cause of the servicemen's deaths as an attack by an AFU sabotage-reconnaissance group.

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