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Poland Calls On EU To Toughen Sanctions Against Lukashenka

Poland Calls On EU To Toughen Sanctions Against Lukashenka

In order to close the "loopholes" for the Kremlin.

During a meeting with MEPs behind closed doors in Brussels, Polish ambassador to the European Union called for tightening sanctions against the regimes in Russia and Belarus.

This is reported by Polskie Radio.

According to the media, Poland's representative in Brussels insisted on a tougher response from the European Union in connection with the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station in Ukraine by the Russian occupiers.

The diplomat described the destruction of the dam in Kherson Region as a war crime and "a new phase of terrifying aggression".

It is also noted that the EU member state ambassadors failed to reach an understanding at this meeting regarding the 11th package of sanctions against Russia, and coordination on this issue will continue in a week's time.

"The diplomats present at the meeting noted that the ambassador drew attention to the lack of sanctions against Russian diamonds entering Europe, which fills the Russian budget," the publication said.

The Polish representative proposed to include in the draft new restrictions a ban on imports of Russian agricultural products.

The Polish ambassador also calls for further sanctions against Belarus in order to prevent the circumvention of restrictive measures against Russia.

In addition, Poland demands reviewing the 10th package, where "loopholes and shortcomings" have been found.

New Sanctions Against Russia

The European Union is preparing a new 11th package of sanctions against Russia aimed at combating the circumvention of existing restrictions.

During the recent G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, the G7 leaders reiterated their commitment to impose sanctions against Russia. In particular, they will restrict exports of industrial equipment, tools and technology useful for Russia's military operations, as well as its revenues from metal and diamond trade.

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