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Long-Range Missiles Destroy Russian Military Base In Luhansk

Long-Range Missiles Destroy Russian Military Base In Luhansk

Russian military equipment burnt down.

On the morning of 8 June, blasts erupted in temporarily occupied Luhansk. A huge pillar of black smoke rose in the city afterwards.

It is worth noting that detonation sounds were clearly heard at the scene after the explosion. This is reported by local Telegram channels, obozrevatel.com reports.

Local propagandists claim several explosions occurred. Surprisingly, this time, the Kremlin propagandists did not claim anything about "air defence operations".

A video circulating on the net shows that the explosions probably took place in an industrial area of Luhansk. The footage shows smoke rising from behind concrete walls.

At the same time, some Russian "war correspondents" have already managed to report that the explosions took place on the territory of the Luhansk Locomotive Plant. One of the videos shot by an eyewitness shows a pillar of smoke rising upwards. "Something has been hit 100%. Something is on fire. Already six hits," the author notes, commenting on the footage of the fire.

Journalist Denis Kazansky reports that a missile strike was launched against a Russian occupant base in Luhansk. The attack caused the aggressor's military equipment to catch fire. Moreover, eyewitnesses claim to have heard six explosions, after which black smoke began to rise.

Mariupol mayor's adviser Petro Andryushchenko also confirmed that there had been a hit against the Russian military base in Luhansk. The network notes that ambulance and fire truck sirens are heard in the city.

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