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Mahiliou Library Only Buys Children’s Books From Russian Publishers

Mahiliou Library Only Buys Children’s Books From Russian Publishers

Lukashists are promoting the “Russian world” among children.

The Mahiliou Regional Library buys books for children only from Russian publishers, the Štodzień.website noted.

An electronic auction was announced through the public procurement website. It is planned to spend 50,000 rubles (about $15,720) from the regional budget on purchasing literature. At the same time, publishing houses are entirely Russian: Nastya and Nikita, Mif, Pink Giraffe, Compass Guide, Rosman, Makhaon2 (this publishing house is registered in Belarus, but belongs to the Russian publishing group Azbuka-Atticus), Samokat, Eksmo, and AST.

Among the publications that are bought for Belarusian children are such as “VDNKh. The main exhibition of the country”, “Boulevard Ring”, “The Kremlin is the heart of Moscow”, “What are the Kremlin towers silent about?”, “Moscow skyscrapers”, “Unusual houses of Moscow”, “Sails of Russia”, “Moscow parks”, “Russian hut ”, “How they lived in Russia”, “How Pushkin changed the Russian language”, “Great victories of General Ushakov”, “Irkutsk. The city in itself”, etc.

Meanwhile, there are 566 publishing houses in Belarus — as many of them are included in the register of publishers on the website of the Ministry of Information. Why do Mahiliou librarians buy books from Russia?

Thus, Russian publishing houses are supported with the money of the Belarusian budget. In addition, there is also propaganda of the “Russian world” among children.

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