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Explosions In Lviv: Russia Hits With Shaheds

Explosions In Lviv: Russia Hits With Shaheds

Fire broke out in the city.

The aggressor country hit Lviv with a kamikaze drone during a night attack on Ukraine on 19 September. As a result, a fire broke out in an industrial warehouse and one man was injured.

Earlier, explosions were heard in the area. The mayor of the city, Andriy Sadovy, shared on the Telegram Channelе.


"All the relevant services have gone to the site. We are working according to protocol," he wrote.

On Tuesday night, Russia launched its third consecutive air strike on Ukraine. From two in the morning, alarms started ringing in the regions, the AFU air force warned of enemy missile launches and attack drones.

The threat of Shahed-136/131 kamikaze drones was announced twice for the Lviv region. It was noted that the air defence was trying to shoot down enemy targets.

At around 5am, the mayor of Lviv stressed the threat of a second attack in the region, but the air defence was up and running - the sounds of explosions at that time were the work of the defenders. And later he confirmed a Shahed strike in the city, which caused a fire on the roof of an industrial warehouse in one of the neighbourhoods; there was one casualty.

According to Maksim Kozitsky, head of the OVA, this attack caused a large fire in the warehouses of the regional centre and all relevant services were on the scene. After 6am, he stressed that the threat of enemy attacks had disappeared and thanked the air defence.

For his part, Sadovy said that a 26-year-old man had been pulled from the rubble of a warehouse in Lviv. The victim has an open fracture of a limb, he is already in hospital and is receiving all the necessary care.

The mayor also warned that traffic in the city was blocked on Horodotska Street from the intersection with Patona Street to the ring road in both directions.

"Special equipment and all relevant services are here. If possible, avoid this section of the road," he said.

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